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Lesson Outline


Design Fundamentals

Where It All Begins
Included with Essentials

Explore the elements and principles of design, including different styles and how to source inspiration. As you begin to experiment with the creative process, you will also discover how to use your knowledge of design history and design principles to generate new ideas.

  • Design Elements & Principles
  • Design Styles
  • Opportunities Within Interior Design
  • Finding Inspiration
  • Case Study: Lifecycle of a Project
Nicole Clarke
Principal at The Style Game
Dawn Powell
Design Director at Designing Interiors
Paul Coulson
President of the Interior Design Association
Pia Watson
Ulleo Industry Mentor & Director of Studio Soleil

Spatial Planning

Embrace Your Surroundings
Included with Essentials

Develop a technical understanding of how to use space to your advantage. You’ll design solutions for a range of spaces and use drawing techniques to start designing your dream room. You will also get an introduction to SketchUp, to help you develop your own 3D and 2D projects.

  • An Introduction to Spatial Planning
  • Case Study: Renovation Walkthrough
  • Detailed SketchUp Tutorials
  • Activity: Drawing a Floorplan
Paul Coulson
President of the Interior Design Association
James Charnley
Lead Trainer at SketchUp Australia


The Life Source of Space
Included with Essentials

Learn about the transformative effects of lighting. You will study the different types of light (ambient, accented and natural light), the science of lighting, and how to design a space that is not only beautiful but also fits the right mood and functionality for your client.

  • An Introduction to Lighting
  • Types of Lighting
  • Reflected Light & Colour
  • The Science of Lighting
  • Natural Lighting
  • Planning for Lighting Design
Pia Watson
Ulleo Industry Mentor & Director of Studio Soleil


How To Create a Mood
Included with Essentials

Explore the world of colour and its vital impact on mood and behaviour within a space. You will discover an array of colour schemes, combinations and designs, as well as how to use practical tools such as the colour wheel to create the perfect space.

  • Colour Theory
  • Decorating With Colour
  • Specifying Colour
  • Collaborating With Colour
  • Sustainability & Paint
Raychel Pierson
State Sales Manager at Resene


It's All in the Detail!
Included with Essentials

Discover the different textiles, fabrics and finishes you can utilise as an Interior Designer. With a strong focus on sustainable solutions, you will learn how to specify, collaborate, and decorate using a range of materials.

  • Introduction to Materiality
  • Types of Finishes
  • Types of Fabrics & Textiles
  • Sourcing Functional Materials
  • Design Elements & Materiality
  • Working With Materials
  • Specifying Textiles & Fabrics
Belinda Price
Sales, Marketing & Product Director at Materialised
Dawn Powell
Design Director at Designing Interiors
Raychel Pierson
State Sales Manager at Resene

Furniture & Styling

Bring Your Space to Life
Included with Essentials

Explore furnishing solutions, art, and accessories for both interior and exterior spaces. You will be given the tools to make the best decisions for your space, guided by key style and functionality insights. Learn how adding design elements to a space can bring a room to life.

  • Functionality
  • Quality & Comfort
  • Styling Tips for the Home
  • Aesthetics
  • Types of Clients
  • Specification & Collaboration
Robyn Levin
Creative Coordinator at Jardan
Nick Garnham
Director at Jardan
Anissa Pianezzola
State Manager at Jardan

Design for the Future

Sustainability Leadership for Interior Designers
Included with Professionals

As we work to combat the world's biggest challenges, sustainability is an important part of any industry. Get to know those who are paving a sustainable future within the design industry and discover the important principles of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD), including materiality, supply chains, waste, ethics, and social wellbeing.

  • How We Got Here
  • Sourcing Materials Responsibly
  • Finding Responsible Suppliers
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design
  • A Regenerative Mindset
  • Designing for People
  • An Industry in Transition
  • Industry Standards & Credentials
David Ritter
Director at Atelier Ten
Frances Atkins
Co-Founder of Givvable
Abbie Freestone
Sustainability Consultant and Founder at Rewild Agency
Cushla McFadden
Director at Tom Mark Henry
Nick Garnham
Director at Jardan

Making Your Mark

Business Fundamentals for Interior Designers
Included with Professionals

Ready to make your mark? Learn everything you need to know to launch a career in Interior Design. With the help of experts, you will explore a variety of career opportunities and create specific business goals so that you can start working towards your future - today.

  • So, You Want to Start a Business?
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Customer Personas
  • Brand Personality
  • A Lawyer’s Perspective
  • Determining Your Value
  • Accounting Systems
  • Pricing & Quoting
  • Reaching Your Audience
Paul Coulson
President of the Interior Design Association
Mark Patterson
Owner of Canyon Brand
Grainne Devlin
Creative Director at Design & Co
Jake Muir
Creative Director at Canyon Brand
Kara Harrison
Start-Up Accountant at Luna
Yohan Philip
Lawyer & Advisor at Luna
Tanya Duncan
Director at Infokus Marketing

Digital Badge & Certificate

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Certificate of Completion
Digital Badge

Real-world stories and insights

Ulleo Events

During your studies, you’ll have access to regular live workshops, Q&As and webinars featuring your industry mentors, peers and a variety of guest speakers. Examples of topics include:

  • Bringing a floorplan to life with SketchUp
  • How to create a concept presentation
  • The magic of mood boarding
  • Furniture trends from Milan Design Week
  • Building your professional network

Each session is recorded and uploaded to the learning platform for later viewing. Enjoy over 95 hours of content during your course!


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Interior Design & Decoration Professionals
Learn how to start your own Interior Design business from those who know best.
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Access to 'Making Your Mark: Business Fundamentals for Interior Designers'
Access to 'Design for the Future: Sustainability Leadership for Interior Designers'

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