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Tess, 25

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“Ulleo is a great place to start out at the beginning of your journey of learning. There’s a lot of versatility which means the possibilities are endless in terms of what you’re able to learn.”


Kellie, 37

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“You can really learn on your own terms with Ulleo – study when you want to study without deadlines and just do it when you want to do it. It’s great.”


Rikki, 31

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“I completed a short course that was informative and that there were heaps of ones to choose from. They are well-presented courses that are easy to follow and easy to understand.”

What is Ulleo?

Ulleo (you-lee-oh) is the Ultimate Learning Online platform designed to empower you. Whether you’d prefer to submerge yourself in an existing interest or ignite a new passion, we’ve got the perfect edu-bite for you.

Ulleo offers skills-focused content that spans over a massive range of interest areas, giving you a head start in your skill stacking journey. Whether you’re looking to get the beginner’s rundown on whiskey distillation, hot tips on keeping your peace lily alive and happy, or a how-to on fermenting the perfect kimchi, we have the ultimate edu-bite for you.

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Let learning come to you with Ulleo. Wherever, whenever – if you’ve got an internet connection, we’ve got you. Unlock infinite learning and start stacking up new skills on-the-go. Get across brewing basics on the bus trip home, or learn photography lighting on your lunch break. Ulleo gets you where you need to be. Try Ulleo today with our 14-day free trial.

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For the curious minds, the movers and shakers, the restless questioners – we built Ulleo for you. You’re never content to stand still, and neither are we. So we’ll bring you a constant supply of fresh, bite-sized content you can mix and match, for whatever level of learning you’re at – and you keep doing you.