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Ulleo is an online learning provider that offers a self paced, high-quality online learning experience.

About Ulleo


Our courses are designed in co-creation with industry professionals in order to deliver a current and future-proofed student experience.


Our courses are purely online and designed to elevate learning through a positive student experience catering to different learning styles.


We empower students and industry by fostering a community and bridging the gap between learners and experts.

Learning experience


We use fun, engaging videos to explain each topic, sharing stories from industry that empower our students to develop their own skills, tools and knowledge.


Our courses have a level of playfulness built into the design through interactive activities both in online and real-world contexts.


Through a range of assessments our students are able to reflect on their progress and demonstrate their understanding.


Community is at the heart of the Ulleo experience, allowing students to engage through forums, live Q&As and our connect with the Ulleo community even after they complete their course.

Interested in Interior Design?

We are working behind the scenes on our industry endorsed Interior Design course.


Interested in partnering with us?

We love to explore shared opportunities with like minded companies and people.

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We connect industry partners and brands with students, fostering community partnerships and networking opportunities.


We leverage knowledge and insights from education partners, working together to develop cutting edge, up-to-date course content for today’s modern learners.


We collaborate with relevant associations, developing course content that is industry ready for career focused skill sets.