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With an industry-led short course in Interior Design.

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Why choose Ulleo


Our course is designed and co-created with industry leaders, so you can gain skills for now and into the future.


Ulleo courses are purely online and designed to elevate your learning through a tailored experience catering to different learning styles.


We empower students and industry by fostering a community and bridging the gap between learners and industry experts.

learning experience


Ulleo courses feature fun, engaging videos to explain each topic, sharing stories and insights from industry leaders that empowers you to develop your own skills, tools and knowledge.


Our course has a level of engagement built into the course design, through a range of interactive elements, in online and real-world contexts to keep you engaged and testing your understanding along the way.


Through a range of assessments, you’ll be able to reflect on your progress and demonstrate your understanding.


Community is at the heart of the Ulleo experience, allowing you to engage through forums, live Q&As and connect with the Ulleo community even after you complete the course.

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