Fitness Courses

Everyone knows that physical activity is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For many, they may find themselves lost and confused as to how to achieve their fitness goals. This is where fitness instructors come in!

Ulleo offers several short courses that you can complete online at any time, including exercise programs for special consideration groups and how to design an exercise program. If you’re looking for a more specific area of the fitness industry to hone in on or to simply, then consider these bite-size courses to fill up any gaps in your knowledge. 

Get started by choosing from a variety of fitness edu-bites, such as:

  • Fitness and Exercise Equipment: The Essentials
  • Exercising: The How, When and Where
  • How to Test Your Health and Fitness
  • Exercise Programs for Special Consideration Groups
  • How to Design an Exercise Program

Many of these edu-bites could lead you to explore opening up your own small business. This allows for greater flexibility since if you do decide to start up your own business, you’ll be able to set hours yourself, and generally schedule things on your own terms. If you do end up working with an already established business, you’ll most likely be doing shift work, meaning that your hours will be often scattered outside the typical nine to five window. 

Some core skills for a typical fitness instructor include:

  • Showing clients how to use gym equipment correctly
  • Keeping gym equipment and facilities hygienic and minimising risks
  • Leading group classes
  • Creating fitness programs and diet plans tailored to specific clients

There’s a lot to learn and do out there in the world of fitness. Learn the basics with Ulleo.