Science & Environment Courses

Got a passion for science and the environment? The world needs you! Extend your knowledge of your desired science specialisation with Ulleo's online courses, now available at the touch of a button.

The field of science and environment includes numerous different study areas, from ecosystems and marine science to sustainability and natural resource management. With the world facing massive environmental issues such as climate change and constant medical challenges, scientists have never been more in demand. 

Whether your goal is to work as an environmental scientist studying land management and the natural environment, a professor in ecology and biodiversity, a researcher completing field trips in a national park, or a biologist making medical breakthroughs in a lab, the right online science courses can act as an excellent stepping stone towards a higher degree or career in science. 

Ulleo offers free online courses in science and environment science subjects like animal science, biology and environmental studies, allowing you to dive deep into a subject you are passionate about or add to your professional skill set. You’ll come away with the ability to solve complex real-world problems and gain a deeper appreciation of the sciences as a whole. 

Some of our popular short courses include:

While the fundamentals of science remain consistent, there are always new developments in methodologies, theories or the information systems used. Stay ahead of the curve, improve your studies and build on your practical skills to make the most of your fieldwork

By joining Ulleo, you open up possibilities to explore a range of careers. Our flexible and free study options provide you with a wealth of information that can be used to further your career, dive deep into an area of interest, or figure out which science discipline you should pursue after high school. 

Online environment and science courses are also a fun way to expand your mind if you simply have an interest in fascinating topics like sustainable development, chemistry or environmental management. Make the most of your passion for science or the environment with Ulleo’s online courses, available today.