Horticulture Courses

Whether you're obsessed with plants or growing your own veggies at home, you cannot deny the positive effects of gardening and the outdoors. Why not explore the possibilities of horticulture with Ulleo.

Horticulture is all about taking care of fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants, whether it be for food or decorative purposes. Those in the horticulture industry can also hold careers in land management, landscape construction, production nurseries and more. 

Scientifically speaking, horticulture is the art of developing, sustainably producing and marketing cultivated food and plants. Horticultural crops are not limited to specific species, they can include edible fruits and vegetables to decorative indoor and outdoor plants. A horticulturist is someone who uses scientific knowledge to cultivate and propagate fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. They may also work in the field of landscaping, design gardens, recreational areas and parks. 

Many courses online are dedicated to developing horticulture skills like plant identification and crop growing. Ulleo offers a variety of short courses on how to grow a diverse range of fruit and vegetables, perfect for those who have a passion for gardening. If you fancy yourself a green thumb and would like to learn how to cultivate your own garden, challenge yourself to a new skill, whether that’s learning plant propagation, identifying pests and diseases that plague your crops or how to use gardening equipment and tools. 

Some of our popular horticulture courses include:

Ulleo allows you to study horticulture from the comfort of your home, whether that’s living in an inner-city townhouse or a large farm. Beginner or experienced, nursery worker or garden landscaper, you can get started on your own horticultural journey today with Ulleo.