Food Science Courses

Contrary to belief, food science is not just about eating great food. It delves deeper into the innovation and processes of making food products for a vast range of consumer needs. If you're eager to explore a career in the food industry but don't know where to begin, you've come to the right place.

Food science and technology is all about a closer look at the chemical composition of different foods and the changes they go through when being processed and stored. The composition itself consists of flavour, texture and nutritional value, all a necessary part of cooking, ensuring that food products are safe, nutritious and convenient.

Food technologists and scientists are those who study, innovate and improve the food products you see on the shelves at your local supermarket. Whether you’re in food chemistry, food processing, food product development or quality assurance, the skills you will need to succeed are transferable. You’ll need to have strong attention to detail, especially in relation to hygiene and health, and be well versed with a wide range of sciences. 

At Ulleo, we’ve designed courses for those who have a passion for cooking and want to learn the essentials of food safety. Our free online courses provide you with the flexible study options you need to compliment your existing studies or your nine to five. Learn why food sensitivities exist, the importance of food safety and food quality, and the effects of all these to human nutrition

Some of our popular short courses include: 

Ulleo’s online courses are here not only to fill in the gaps but to sate your interest in the scientific side of cooking. Best of all, it can be done at your own pace and can provide you with the basics should you decide to pursue formal postgraduate education.  

No matter whether you’re looking to be a professional or a home cook, you should have a firm grasp of the basics of food science. Whether you want a little introduction to food science or you want to pursue your hobby, these bite-sized courses can cover those bases.