Social Science Courses

Social science is an all-encompassing term relating to the study of human behaviour. Those interested in social science can specialise in different branches, like social justice, criminology, sustainability, linguistics, economics and many more. But no matter which area they work in, social scientists can inspire real-world change on a massive scale. Take that next step by looking into one of our social science courses.

Social sciences reach far and wide. It can be in social research understanding what makes our human society tick or in legislation and advocacy. The social science sector alone can open many career doors, from a psychologist or criminologist to a social worker or lawyer specialising in public policy

If you’re working as a social worker, the most important skill to have is empathy. You’ll need to develop the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. On the flip side, if you’re working in international relations at a government department, you’ll need to be critical and have strong problem-solving skills. You’ll have to continually be questioning your assumptions, and analyse the fact in order to problem solve and compose a well-reasoned argument, therefore, strong communication skills are also integral. 

If you’re excited by this sector, why not try out a few of our short courses. We have a number of free social science courses, focusing on specialised areas that can be applied not just to the relevant careers but to life as a whole. They’re already separated into short modules readily accessible at the click of a button for easier learning.

 Our short courses for this field include: 

Many of the careers listed above need some higher qualification in order to be qualified. However, if you are interested in social science, completing one of our courses can give you a good indication as to whether you should continue down this career path. But our courses don’t necessarily have to lead directly to a career in social science. No matter where you work, building on your cultural awareness and insight into human behaviour is useful across many different careers, especially if you’re planning on conversing with many people in your line of work.

Whether you’re looking to enact social change or want to have a general understanding of how people behave, an Ulleo course is a great way to get started.