IT & Development Courses

The world of information technology is well worth keeping up with, with computer science and web development know-how being necessary for success in a wide variety of roles. If you're looking to build up your software or web development skills, Ulleo's online courses won't disappoint.

IT is an essential component in our day to day to lives, both in the professional and personal realms. This means that as a multi-talented IT professional, you’ll quickly become one of the most valuable employees out there. 

IT and software development courses can open up a world of opportunity, whether you’re a student with looking to add HTML and javascript to your repertoire, a seasoned professional brushing up on your advanced programming skills, or a career switcher looking for real-world skills and experience in application design

Ulleo offers short online courses in all things IT including data science, web development, cybersecurity and more. This allows you to pick up anything from a new programming language to killer application development skills on your own clock. Our unique online learning experience allows you to target the exact skillset you are after, whether that’s to become a web programmer, web developer, software developer or any other information technology professional. 

What’s more, Ulleo’s free online courses can be completed at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. This stackable form of learning is truly a choose your own adventure story, allowing you to upskill in the areas you need and swerve around the subjects you’re already a bit of a pro in. Learn intermediate programming skills, how to use the latest software products and software management tools and how to apply the appropriate testing techniques for your web applications.

Some of our popular short courses include:

The world of information and communications technology is always changing. You might find that the promotion you’re eyeing requires a solid grasp of Python or knowing how to debug websites. Level up in the skillsets you need to while carrying on with your full-time commitments outside of study. With many IT professionals coming from a self-taught background, there are no limits to what you can do with an online course under your belt. 

No matter if your ambition is to work at Google or to upskill for the purpose of professional development, Ulleo has got you covered. Put your problem-solving skills to the test, tackle front-end development or see how far you can take your CSS skills with our IT and development courses today.