Law Courses

Think law courses can only be studied at university? Online courses are changing up your study options, making it possible to further develop your legal career or improve your understanding of legalese, from home.

While studying law is typically associated with going to law school to obtain a Juris Doctor, the abundance of online learning options now makes it possible to study law on your own terms. These subjects are a great professional development option for law graduates looking to brush up on their specialisation, as well as the average Joe wanting to better understand the legal services and options that could be available to them. 

If you’re upskilling for professional reasons, it’s important to be aware of the variety of opportunities available in the legal profession. The law field isn’t just for barristers and lawyers: law firms and offices also require paralegals, legal secretaries, criminologists and other professionals with a working knowledge of the law. 

From human rights and international law to criminal law and criminology, wrap your head around any number of essential law topics with a convenient online course from Ulleo. Our free online courses make it possible for anyone to pick up the fundamentals of all things advocacy, law and criminal justice. Due to their flexible nature, you’ll be able to study at any time and place, balancing your learning with your full-time work or study responsibilities. The stackable format of the courses also makes it possible to expand your knowledge as you go.

As a popular provider of short courses in law, Ulleo has a number of exciting courses on offer including: 

In an equitable society, everyone should be able to access a basic level of legal study without having to pursue a law degree. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to start your own legal practice, a new homeowner wanting to better understand property law, or an existing law student needing to brush up on your knowledge of intellectual property, Ulleo will have an online law course to suit.

Whether you’re looking to become a more well-rounded law graduate, improve your knowledge of business law for personal reasons, or enter another legal profession, Ulleo’s online law courses could be the stepping stone you’ve been looking for.