Hospitality & Tourism Courses

The tourism and hospitality industries are a dream field for many, providing an opportunity to connect with others and travel the world. Explore Ulleo's tourism and hospitality courses to kickstart an exciting career, no matter where you are in the world.

When it comes to a job that allows you to meet people from all walks of life and push yourself outside of your comfort zone, few industries beat hospitality and tourism. Every interest or aptitude can be accommodated in the hospitality and tourism industries, from a passion for food service to strong organisational and management skills. Whatever your calling is, from a restaurant manager to an event planner, you’re sure to find a home in hospitality, events or tourism. 

Tourism, hospitality and event management are incredibly diverse fields. Your career could include making a killer cocktail one day, to helping someone conquer their fear of bungee jumping on another day. That’s simply the beauty of hospitality and tourism!

Ulleo’s tourism management and hospitality services courses include diverse subjects like food preparation, commercial cookery, adventure tourism, ecotourism and hotel management, allowing you to level up in the skillset you need for a more rewarding career path. 

Ulleo’s online study options are a fantastic solution for small business owners, tour operators, hotel managers, travel agents and other hospitality and tourism professionals looking to upskill or evolve. Our free short courses can be taken at your own pace, with no limit to how many classes you can take. By consistently brushing up on your skills through online courses, you can set yourself up for greater career opportunities in the future and better professional resilience in the face of adversity. 

Why not get stuck into something you’re truly passionate about? Explore some of our popular hospitality management and tourism courses, including:

While the core principles of the hospitality and tourism sectors remain consistent, it’s also important to consistently seek professional development through further learning opportunities. This ensures you are keeping up with changing trends and regulations in the hospitality, tourism or events industries, and always have up-to-date practical skills. On the other hand, if you’re a future student looking to explore a more hands-on side hobby, then Ulleo is the perfect education provider for you.

So whether you’ve got your sights set on a bustling city, the rugged mountains or a relaxed beach resort, your options in the hospitality and tourism industry are endless when you’ve got the right training. Work as a tour guide in the Australian desert, or run a hotel in Bali: the world is at your fingertips with Ulleo’s hospitality and tourism courses.