Cookery Courses

Commercial cookery is a thriving industry, with plenty of opportunities to be creative and work around the world. Ulleo's free online courses could be your ticket to making it in the hospitality industry.

Cookery is an incredibly diverse industry, with there being a niche for every foodie. From the back-end work of hospitality management to specialising in patisserie, anything is possible in the world of cookery! You could even specialise in a particular cuisine, from European to African and everything in between. From starting out as a kitchen hand to becoming a head chef or even owning your own restaurant, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this delectable career path. 

If you’re hoping to make your mark in the world of cooking, you’ll need a handful of core skills. This includes practical skills like food handling and a working knowledge of kitchen operations, as well as a good grasp of things like dietary requirements and food safety

To sink your teeth into cookery, consider Ulleo’s bite-sized, stackable and totally free courses. Our short courses let you skill up in the way that best suits you, whether you’re wanting to improve your mastery of appetisers or brush up on some theory before working in a commercial kitchen. Some of our most popular cookery courses include:

Our online courses make for the perfect option if you’re still considering the best study or career path for you. Instead of making a full-time commitment to a TAFE or traineeship, you can explore different subjects within Ulleo and see which strikes your fancy. Once you’re comfortable with what you’ve learnt, you can then take the plunge into higher education or a work placement

Whether you’re a talented home chef or just a keen foodie, it could really pay off to sink your teeth into a cookery course and make your passion a profession.

If working in a thrilling commercial kitchen lights your fire, Ulleo’s cookery courses could be exactly what you’re after. Enrol into your chosen subject today!