Health & Community Services Courses

Health and community services are some of the most rewarding fields you could ever study, whether that's for your personal wellness or in order to give back to others. Ulleo's online courses pave the way for making a real difference in others’ lives as well as your own.

When it comes to a fulfilling career path, few industries will beat health and community services. Healthcare, community services and other support services like disability services, community development and child protection all continue to be highly relevant in society. Upskilling or brushing up on your existing knowledge can set you up for an incredibly rewarding career in the field, as well as improve your own quality of life. 

Contrary to what some might think, health and community services courses aren’t just for professionals like support workers, caseworkers and community workers. A sound background in health and community services can also improve your own quality of life, particularly in relation to young people and mental health. You’ll build resilience and a better understanding of your own emotions and reactions to events in your life. These skills will also help you better understand your loved ones, minimising conflict and enabling healthy communication. 

From youth workers to aged care workers, Ulleo supports students, professionals and volunteers in making a positive mark on the community through the offering of the following health and community services courses. Our online courses are great for those in the healthcare and community services sector with the ability to be taken on your own clock, with no need to take time off for full-time study or to head on-campus. 

We’ve got a range of courses suitable for budding or experienced disability support workers, family support workers, individual support workers and other aboriginal and advocacy support professionals. So whether you’re looking to pick up a foundational understanding of psychology, communication and common mental health issues or wanting to expand your specialisation as in community or health services, Ulleo’s got a course for you. 

Explore some popular Ulleo courses, including: 

With online courses having no entry requirements to enrol, anyone can develop life-changing community services or healthcare skills. From case management and youth work to family support and drug addiction, use our free online courses to wrap your head around a variety of health and community services topics, and provide a higher level of community care to your clients and patients.