Engineering & Construction Courses

Think of engineering and construction as higher education fields with rigid entry requirements? Ulleo is here to change your perception of engineering and construction courses through our offering of accessible online courses. With our free short courses, take control of your own learning, and explore careers from civil engineering to construction management.

While engineering and construction are fields that typically require at least a certificate level qualification, forward-thinking online learning modules have made it possible to brush up on complementary skills like project management, civil engineering, construction management and building design. Study options today are incredibly diverse, allowing you to add to your skill-set as a budding professional engineer, construction manager, project manager or site supervisor. 

After all, consistent upskilling is expected in the engineering and construction industries, with new construction materials, methods and approaches being devised every few years. It’s therefore important to be a multi-disciplinary member of the team, equipped with the theoretical and practical skills to collaborate on a variety of construction and engineering projects.

Of course, time constraints and tuition fees mean you can’t just take on a new postgraduate degree every time you need to add to your skill-set. Why not explore online study instead? Ulleo’s free online courses provide avid learners with the opportunity to brush up on the skills necessary to hit the ground running on their next engineering or construction project

If you’re unsure of which specialisation to pick, explore some of our popular courses and find your niche:

The career opportunities offered by online construction and engineering courses are enormous, with our rapidly evolving world demanding brilliant construction workers and engineers. These professionals literally shape our worlds, making engineering and construction one of the most rewarding career paths you could ever go down. Whether your focus is on sustainability, civil construction, construction engineering or anything in between, your skills will be highly valued in today’s workforce. It all depends on where you want your learning to take you, whether that’s doing hands-on work on a construction site, or working behind the scenes on innovative blueprints. 

Taking your career or interests to new heights has never been easier. Explore an incredibly relevant and challenging new career path with Ulleo’s engineering and construction courses, or simply brush up on a few topics you’re interested in using our online learning platform: the choice is all yours.