Accounting & Bookkeeping Courses

Ulleo is the perfect platform to help you hone in on a specific area of bookkeeping or accounting, using the simplicity of easily digestible chunks. These courses are the perfect jumping off point for beginners who are looking to learn more about basic accounting and bookkeeping concepts. They are also particularly useful for those who have their own small business and need a bit of support when it comes to writing up a financial report for their merchandise.

Ulleo courses are designed for people who want to expand on their own personal learning; from balance sheets to business management. Select whichever course appeals to you and complete it in no time. Not to mention, accounting is a continually changing field. With the help of Ulleo’s short online courses, you can adapt to the new standards and protocols rapidly.

Accounting and bookkeeping are closely related to each other with slight differences: accounting focuses more on summarising a report on the financial status of a company while bookkeeping refers explicitly to the recording of these financial transactions. Because of this, accounting is much broader and encapsulates more business-related skills compared to bookkeeping, and subsequently, bookkeeping and accounting are carried out by separate people. 

Choose from a variety of accounting and bookkeeping edu-bites, such as:

  • Inventory Management: Stocktake Essentials
  • Bookkeeping for Businesses: Inventory Management
  • A Bookkeeper’s Guide to Control Accounts
  • Tax and Payroll Essentials for Business Owners
  • Working with Cash: Petty Cash and Banking Methods
  • And more!

The skills relevant here are your analytical and numeracy skills, along with knowing how to create complex spreadsheets to keep track of various financial statements. By getting stuck into an edu-bite, you’ll learn how to manage operational budgets, how to properly prepare financial statements and all the other skills related to effective money management that are essential for running a business. 

Additional soft skills you can develop include:

  • Analytical skills, such as attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills, including maintaining communication with your client over email and phone
  • Organisation skills, such as following the proper guidelines for financial reporting 
  • Critical thinking, including considering all the potential risks and other important factors that may influence the company’s financial status.

Whether you want to know the finer details regarding business operations or broader business management skills, Ulleo’s got you covered.