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Getting Started

Why complete a course with Ulleo?

At Ulleo, we're passionate about creating courses that are not only engaging and inspiring, but relevant to the real world. This is why we design and co-create our courses with industry leaders; people who live and breathe the concepts and skills you'll be learning.

Because you'll be learning directly from professionals in the field, our courses also equip you with the most in-demand skills and up-to-date knowledge within the industry - opening the door to amazing opportunities post-study!

Delivered fully online, our courses empower learners to set the pace and learn alongside their busy day-to-day schedules. Your course will include a range of videos, activities, resources, discussion forums and live sessions - so you can love what you learn, every step of the way.

What are you waiting for? Enrol today via your chosen course homepage.

Are Ulleo courses accredited / nationally recognised?

Whilst our courses are not nationally accredited like a University or TAFE course, they are led and endorsed by the industry directly.

We do this by partnering with various industry bodies and organisations as well as Higher Education and Registered Training Providers, which opens the door to career opportunities or further accredited study - depending on your unique career goals.

Can I start a course at any time?

The beauty of online learning is that it can be tailored to you and your schedule. Our courses have no set start date. Simply enrol, set a pace that works for you, and enjoy your learning journey.

How many hours will I need to study for / how long will the course take?

This will depend on your chosen course. Some of our shorter courses take as little as 12 hours, whereas our larger courses take around 60 to 80 hours.

This number includes watching and reading through the content, activities, discussion, and study time. Please refer to the course guide for further information on the number of lessons and duration of your chosen course.

With a full 12 months to complete your Ulleo course, you'll be able to set the pace and learn on your own schedule.

Are there any entry requirements? What tech do I need to have?

Anyone aged 16 and over can enrol in a course with Ulleo.

Our courses are designed for all levels of knowledge. Our amazing industry mentors and Community Support team will be there to guide and assist you every step of the way.

Because our courses are delivered online, you'll need a stable internet connection, a device (i.e. laptop or desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet), and the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Opera.

Some of our courses require software applications (e.g. SketchUp for Interior Design). This will be outlined in the course guide.

Note: individuals under 18 need to provide written and signed consent from their legal parent or guardian to enrol in a course with Ulleo.

What recognition will I get for completing a course with Ulleo?

Ulleo is partnered with Credly to deliver you a Digital Badge upon completing the course.

Digital badges are a fantastic, verified way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to your network and potential employers. Badges can be shared on social channels such as LinkedIn or on your personal website or resume as a way to stand out from the crowd.

You will also receive a shareable Certificate of Completion.

Who are the industry mentors and how will I interact with them?

Ulleo courses are co-created with a diverse set of industry professionals. Of those, we choose one or two key people to guide your learning journey as dedicated mentors.

You'll engage with your mentors through:

  • Discussion forums on the learning platform
  • Live events, Q&As and workshops
  • Assignment feedback and support

What events does Ulleo run?

At Ulleo, we know that learning is never static.

Guided by our mission to bridge the gap between learners and industry, our regular live workshops and events provide you with the opportunity to network and collaborate with experts and peers in real time.

From a panel of engaging guest speakers to personalised study sessions, these live events are a great opportunity to get feedback, ask questions, and further your understanding with direct support from both mentors and peers.

Will I need to complete any assessments?

While the term 'assessment' might feel like a throwback to your school days, here at Ulleo, we approach activities, projects and quizzes in a fun and engaging way.

Our assessments are designed to help you solidify your understanding, learn new skills and prepare for real-world scenarios in the industry.

Ulleo's industry mentors and dedicated Community Support team will be there to support you and answer any questions you might have. You will also receive detailed, industry-standard feedback on your work.

We also provide a range of optional activities such as reflective questions and mini-projects that are designed to boost your knowledge and think about concepts in different ways!

How do I enrol?

The quickest and easiest ways to get started with your chosen course are to enrol via the course homepage or give us a call at +61 3 9961 4365.

We can't wait to have you on board!

Ulleo Scholarships

What’s included in a Ulleo Scholarship?

Our Scholarship program removes the barriers to education, so you can start working toward your future – today!

As a Ulleo scholar, you will receive:

  • 12-month access to the course of your choice (up to $1,995 in value).
  • An engaging learning experience with materials designed and delivered by industry experts.
  • Access to regular live events and workshops where you can connect and network with qualified industry mentors.
  • A vibrant online learning community to share ideas with, plus, direct support from our friendly Community Support team.
  • Exclusive discounts on a range of products and services through our brand partners.
  • Established pathways to further study and future opportunities.

What are you waiting for? Apply now via the Ulleo Scholarships homepage.

Am I eligible for a Ulleo scholarship?

At Ulleo, we believe education should be available and accessible to all. Not only is it a vital part of how we grow and develop (both personally and professionally), but it also helps us to make a meaningful contribution to the world around us.

In line with our values of diversity and inclusivity, our Scholarships Program was created for anyone facing an educational barrier - whether that's financial, social, cultural or otherwise. We encourage applications from Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori people, as well as people of all abilities, cultures, sexual orientations, and genders.

Due to the nature of our online platform and location-specific course content, we do have a few basic eligibility requirements for our scholarship program:

  • You must be located in Australia or New Zealand
  • You must be over 18 years of age (on the date of application)
  • You must not be a previous Ulleo scholarship winner

For further details on the eligibility criteria of our scholarship program, please read our Terms & Conditions.

How do I apply for a Ulleo scholarship?

Our application process is short and sweet. Simply follow the apply now button below and you will be prompted to answer a few questions about the course you are interested in, why it appeals to you, and what sort of goals and dreams you have for the future.

We award scholarships on an annual basis. Once you hit submit, you will be entered into a draw and the winner will be selected at random. If you are successful, we will contact you directly and provide you with details on how to get started with your chosen course.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Apply now

Student support

How do I access my Ulleo course?

Once you have enrolled in your chosen Ulleo course, you can access the learning portal by clicking on the “Start Learning” button contained in your confirmation email.

You can also begin the course by logging in via our website sign-in page.

I'm having trouble signing in, what should I do?

If you can’t remember the password for your Ulleo account, you can request a reset password email from the login page:

  • Move your cursor to the top right of Ulleo’s homepage, then click on “Sign in”
  • Click Forgot Password
  • Enter your email and click “Request Password Reset”
  • Check your inbox for the reset password email and complete the steps to change your password

If this does not solve the problem or if you are experiencing another issue, contact us at

I'm not receiving emails, what should I do?

Emails can sometimes be misdirected to a junk/spam folder, firstly check if any emails have been sent there by mistake. If this does not solve the issue, contact us at

I have another question or concern, where can I get support?

Chat with our Community Support team through the pop-up chat box in the learning platform or by emailing

Payment support

What are my payment options?

Ulleo courses offer substantial value for money and have flexible payment options to help you start your studies sooner, including:

  • Upfront payment (with discounts) via all major credit cards.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later options, including Afterpay, to spread your payments out over two months.
  • A payment plan option starting from as little as $50 a week.

For specific course fee information, refer to your course guide.

Tuition fees include course delivery and assessments, access to exclusive student discounts and benefits worth hundreds of dollars, and direct access to course mentors and our community engagement team to support you during your studies. Please note this course does not qualify for VET student loans or other government-assisted funding.

Are there any discounts available?

Ulleo occasionally offers promotions in the form of discount codes. These codes will be personal to you and can only be used once during the check-out process.

Unfortunately, a discount code cannot be applied retrospectively (i.e. once you have already enrolled).

Can I purchase a course as a gift for someone?

Our courses make the perfect gift!

Surprise your family and friends with an experience to remember and help to plant trees while you’re at it.

Simply choose the recipient, create a personalised message, and set the special date for delivery during the check-out process. Your recipient will receive further information on how to access their course.

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