How to Establish & Maintain A Vertical Garden

Learn how to establish and maintain your own vertical garden. For a vertical garden to thrive, planning a maintenance procedure is absolutely essential. Whether you’re maintaining a green wall that needs to be green and vibrant, or you’re building a vertical farm and trying to establish your crops, this course covers all the maintenance essentials you need to care for your vertical garden. Follow along with step-by-step inspection procedures that will help you maintain your plant’s health, vertical garden structure and watering systems. You'll also learn:


  • Which problem materials you should avoid in your vertical garden
  • Which types of climbing plants are best for vertical gardening
  • Essential health and safety advice for building your green wall
  • How pruning can prevent plant problems and learn how to rejuvenate struggling plants.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 30 Topics
  • 1 Quiz