How to Restore and Renovate Roofing and Flooring

Learn how to effectively restore and renovate the roofing and flooring in your home. If you’re in need of a new renovating project, why don’t you try freshening up your roof? Or replacing your linoleum floor with timber? If you want to seriously refresh your home, restoring and renovating your roofing and flooring can make a big impact. In this short course, you will:


  • Explore different materials you can use for roofing, from tiles and slates to wood shingles and thatching
  • Learn how to replace your roof’s damaged tiles and slates
  • Discover how you can effectively clean and paint your roof to freshen it up
  • Find out which type of finish will work best for your flooring
  • Learn how to replace timber floorboards
  • Determine the best methods for cleaning and staining your floors, and more