How to Make the Most of Your Garden

Learn how to make the most of your garden. Gardens are meant to be used and enjoyed, not just admired from a distance. If you’re going to design your outdoor space yourself, you should create a space that’s both user friendly and attractive — especially if you have children that need a place to play. If you want to make the most out of your garden, this short course has all the tips and tricks you need:


  • Learn how to create a liveable and comfortable outdoor space in your garden
  • Find out what you need to look out for when selecting your outdoor furniture, from comfort to practicality
  • Explore the advantages of different types of barbecues and pick the right style for your space
  • Create a safe space for your children; discover which plants are safe and which plants are toxic
  • Learn how to design the perfect play space that your children will be sure to love, and more.