Animal Science Courses

From taking care of your four-legged best friend to working with wild animals, the study of animal science and care can help you make a positive difference in animals' lives. If you're in veterinary medicine, animal husbandry or simply want to take better care of your beloved pets, our animal care courses could be for you.

If you’re passionate about animals, you’ll know how important it is to care for them properly. Studying animal health and care equips you with the skillset necessary to look after the animals you work with or own. Whether you work with animals on a professional basis or are simply an equine enthusiast, an online animal science course can help you take the best possible care of the animals around you. 

Animal science is a diverse field, including concepts like sustainable farming, animal nutrition, animal welfare, animal production, proper handling and disease prevention. These subjects apply to pets that are kept for companionship, as well as livestock, farm animals and wild animal species. 

Online animal care courses allow you to provide a higher level of care to animals quicker than ever, with there being no need to take a full-time course just to learn the basics of animal nutrition and welfare. Ulleo’s online learning options make it easier than ever to brush up on the animal care skills you’re after, whether that’s for a personal or professional purpose. Explore a range of career opportunities by diving into the basics of zoology or wildlife conservation.

Some of our free short courses on offer include:

For animal science graduates, it’s not always possible to return to study just to pick up some extra knowledge, and for pet owners, a more flexible study option is needed so that they can fit further learning into their everyday lives. This is where online courses come in, allowing you to pick up a few extra skills according to your own schedule. Whether you’re worried about your pet’s emotions or have started working on a farm, you’ll be able to pick up the skills you need in just a weekend. 

Animal science courses can pave the way to building a better relationship with your pets or livestock, or take you further in your career involving animals. Browse Ulleo’s online courses in animal science and care to find the right fit for you.