Trades Courses

Want to try your hand at a new trade, or take some pre-apprenticeship training? Whether you're looking to become more employable or wanting to explore a new hands-on hobby, Ulleo's got it all with free to access online trades courses.

Skilled trades can be both a pastime and a career path, allowing you to stay creative, keep active and work with your hands. If you can’t imagine working at a desk, or simply want to explore a trade as a way to do something fun outside of your day job, a trade course is a perfect option for you.

Whether you’re an automotive mechanic or electrician and looking to develop an additional skill or want to pick up some new skills before starting a traineeship in the building trades or construction industry, an online trade course is sure to fit the bill. No prior experience necessary.  

While gaining a certificate, diploma or advanced diploma in trade typically involves studying at a training facility, it is still possible to add to your skills by taking an online course. Online education providers like Ulleo offer a variety of different study options, from carpentry to project management, to advance your career in the trades. Ulleo offers online courses in trades, allowing you to pick up a handful of new skills to complement your work or hobby. From plastering and cabinet making to bricklaying and floor tiling, Ulleo’s got a course right for you.

Some of our popular short courses include:

Studying a trade is in fact one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Not only does it allow you to carry out your own basic repairs throughout your home, but it also opens up a world of job opportunities. Trades are always in high demand, meaning you’ll always be able to enjoy job security and peace of mind. Whether you see yourself starting up your own business or working for a major developer in the building industry, your career pathways will never be limited when in trades. 

This is where Ulleo’s online courses come into the picture, helping you brush up on the relevant study areas to always be able to keep up with the trade and construction industries. Enter a new career, get a promotion in your existing role or simply learn to be handier around the house – there’s always more to learn with Ulleo.