Psychology & Counselling Courses

Are you interested in work that truly makes a difference in other people's lives? Psychology & counselling could be the pathway for you, whether you want to become a professional counsellor or simply volunteer in community services.

Online psychology and counselling courses are a fantastic option for a variety of students. You might want to dip your toes in the world of counselling, social psychology or child psychology to see if it could be a viable career path for you. Or perhaps you work in human resources,  life coaching or another role which involves dealing with people and want to improve your understanding of human behaviour

Other students simply wish to explore counselling and psychology courses in order to better understand their own mental health. A better understanding of the human mind is also enriching on a personal level, helping you maintain your own wellbeing or support those in your life through difficult times. 

Counselling techniques may also be useful in the fields of social work and support services, and for those who work at not-for-profit organisations, schools or any other environment which involves dealing with people.

Whatever your motivation, Ulleo is sure to have a suitable online course for you. Our bite-sized learning materials make flexible online learning easy for all students regardless of their study options. With Ulleo, you can now explore a range of career outcomes, from counselling to psychology.  

Explore some of our popular short courses in counselling and psychology: 

New developments are constantly being made in the counselling process, making online study a fantastic professional development tool for your counselling or psychology career. It’s not always possible to pursue on-campus full-time study after already completing a degree, which is why short courses could be what you need to complement your professional practice. 

Explore Ulleo’s free online counselling and psychology courses to discover a world of learning at your fingertips. Best of all? You can complete them at your own pace and choose to learn the counselling skills you most require.