Pharmacy Courses

To the general population, a pharmacist is someone who wears the traditional white coat and works behind a counter fulfilling prescriptions, but there's a lot more to the industry than it seems. The field of pharmacy science is challenging, but always rewarding. If you're interested to see where this can take you, why not explore Ulleo's online courses.

The pharmaceutical industry goes far beyond standing behind a desk and filling prescriptions. It also involves research, engineering, quality assurance regulatory affairs, manufacturing and producing the pharmaceutical product. You can work in any number of positions and locations, like hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, or within the Australian government overseeing policy.  

But what happens before a medication hits the shelf and in the hands of a pharmacist? There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes. Clinical trials, chemical formulation, and toxicology research, to name a few.  

With Ulleo, you’ll be able to dive into the field and explore what really makes a rewarding career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Our free online courses allow you to learn the basics of pharmaceutical science, the latest research in drug development, or simply how to prepare and dispense the correct medication at a private pharmacy practice.  

Why not introduce yourself to the world of pharmacology with a basic short course

Whether you’re an entry-level or seasoned pharmacist, you may end up doing day-to-day duties like fulfilling prescriptions, reviewing policies, advising on medications and harm prevention.

If all those seem pretty interesting to you, then there’s always the option of becoming a full-time registered pharmacist in Australia. You do need to complete higher education like a bachelor of pharmacy, and then a master of pharmacy, followed by an examination to be registered with the Australian Pharmacy Board.

We don’t blame you if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. If you’re feeling a bit unsure whether or not you’d like to go through this process, learning with Ulleo is a great way to sort out your thoughts. So why not try your hand at our Introduction to Pharmacological Terminology, and discover first hand if this is the career path for you.