Life Coaching Courses

Are you passionate about wellness and personal growth? Is your biggest dream to make a positive change in someone else's life? Life coaching could be the pathway for you, whether you see yourself running a full-fledged life coaching business or simply wish to improve your own life.

If you’ve always dreamt of becoming a successful life coach or want to use coaching skills for your own personal development, Ulleo’s life coaching courses will suit you to a tee.  From goal setting and well-being to coaching models, our life coach courses cover many of the skills you need to embark upon this rewarding career path. 

Our flexible life coaching courses mean you can study at your own pace and develop the exact skills you’re after. Maybe you have a solid grasp of life coaching principles but simply need to improve your public speaking skills. Or maybe you don’t necessarily want to work as a professional coach, but just want to improve your own quality of life with coaching techniques. 

By starting out with our life coaching courses, you can start the process to become a certified life coach or use the skills you’ve gained in another leadership or managerial position. Our free courses make for a completely personalised experience, allowing you to build the skills you’re most keen on. After you’ve got your building blocks sorted with Ulleo, you’ll be ready to dive into a full-time coaching program if desired. 

Some of our most popular life coaching courses to choose from include:

Our online courses make perfect sense for aspiring life coaches. With Ulleo, you can pretty much choose your own adventure, drilling down into the online coaching subjects that appeal to you the most.

Whether you’re looking to establish your own business as a life coach or just want to develop some life coaching skills, Ulleo will get you sorted. Start a Ulleo course from the comfort of your own home today.