Environmental Studies Courses

Our environmental impact is becoming a more pressing issue with the effects of climate change and other issues bubbling up to the surface. It’s becoming more and more important for people to jump into environmental studies as a result. Our online courses can help you discover your next passion or career move.

While environmental science is a heavily scientific field that involves a lot of biology, physics, chemistry along with sifting through research data, an individual in this area should also be able to combine components of economics and social sciences as well. With this multidisciplinary approach, you should be able to understand the big picture when it comes to successful environmental management

Environmental courses focus on the relationship human activity has with the natural environment by providing them with tools to conduct research and analyse already existing data. This includes a variety of conceptual frameworks when it comes to reading and conducting research while also being able to review past and current policies. Areas of environmental studies can include biodiversity, water conservation, climate change, sustainability, waste management, habitat protection and resource management

Whether you’re keen to explore our natural resources or sustainable development and technology, Ulleo has the perfect course for you. All our online courses are completely free and entirely online. 

Some of our popular environmental studies courses include:

With Ulleo, you don’t need to meet any entry requirements either! While there is always the option of higher education, like a graduate certificate, these short courses are still a great introduction to the environmental problems and its potential solutions, and will jump-start your journey as an environmental scientist.  

Whether you’re ready to tackle today’s environmental issues or looking to explore a career in ecology, you’ve got all you need at Ulleo.