Engineering Courses

In today’s job market, engineering is a popular career, especially for people who love to problem solve using mathematics and science as a base. That being said, there’s more to it than just maths and science; engineers are always thinking outside the box. There’s quite a bit to keep up with, but with Ulleo’s free engineering courses, you should be able to understand more of what engineering entails.

Engineering has a far wider reach than you might think. If you’re trying to wrap your head around the careers in engineering you might be able to pursue, you may be thinking for a long time. Engineering covers the typical disciplines such as civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and software engineering. But what you may not know is that you can also explore careers in sustainability, mechatronics, aerospace or environmental engineering.  

Engineering can get down to the nitty-gritty, with specialisations demanding different technical skills. However, regardless of whether you’re in electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, there are a number of cross-functional skills you will need to compliment your studies. These may include project management, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Engineering may be a big career to tackle all at once. Particularly if you’re not sure if it’s the right career choice for you. Whatever your case, Ulleo’s online short courses will help you decide. Our free short modules can be a great way to explore the various types of engineering disciplines available in the industry without being bogged down with coursework.

Discover some of our popular engineering courses, including:

If you’re interested in tinkering with various machinery as a hobby or looking at becoming a first-year engineering student, then a Ulleo free course would just be for you. However, if you’re thinking of becoming a fully-fledged engineer, then pursuing an engineering degree or qualification would be your best bet.  

Whether you’re aspiring to become a mechanic or want to look into more real-world environmentally friendly energy sources, Ulleo has got the perfect short courses for you. So, with all that said, if you’re feeling up for it, sign up today and discover more of what engineering has to offer!