Career Development Courses

Does your career need an extra boost? Are you looking to develop some extra skills to help with a career transition, promotion or another professional goal? Ulleo's free career development courses could be what you're searching for!

Career development is something that’s relevant for absolutely everyone, whether you’re just starting your first full-time job or are well into your career. Professional development can look different for everyone depending on their work environments: for some, their biggest challenge may be to find suitable employment after taking time off work to have children. For others, this could involve ticking off various areas of competency to finally secure a promotion. For those in super niche industries, you may prefer to see a career advisor specific to your industry, however, for most, general career counselling works just as well. 

Some skills are universal when it comes to career development. Communication skills are vital to those working in collaborative partnerships. Others might be unique to your industry or personal circumstances, such as conflict resolution, anger management and assertiveness. 

Your career trajectory can only be defined by you. That’s why it makes no sense to take a cookie-cutter approach to career education. Instead, opt for Ulleo’s free online courses in career development to propel your career. From career planning to seeking out the best career opportunities, Ulleo equips you with the exact skills you’ve been searching for. 

Some of our most popular career development courses include: 

Whether you’re climbing up the ranks in human resources or upskilling in order to make a career move, Ulleo’s online courses are the perfect fit. 

The simple and flexible nature of our courses means there’s no need to dive into a graduate certificate or diploma until you know you’re truly ready to. Instead, you can supplement your work experience with new skills gained through a Ulleo course or two. If you decide you need a degree or certification to make the career moves you want to, you’ll be able to make the decision with greater confidence. 

Our career development courses can truly take you anywhere, from trainee to manager or from employee to entrepreneur. Your future’s in your own hands with Ulleo.