Biology Courses

Biology is a dynamic field, with new scientific discoveries constantly adding to the existing database of bioscience principles. Brush up on all things biology with Ulleo's free biology courses, from the molecular level all the way to the big picture overview.

Biology is a diverse area of science, encompassing biotechnology, microbiology, human biology, marine biology and even zoology, to name just a few specialisations. If you have an interest in the study of life, be it the human body, the environment or any other living organism, an online course in biology could be perfect for you. From environmental science to immunology, developing your understanding of biology equips you with the skills necessary to give back to the world. 

The specific skills you’ll want to pick up will depend on the area of biology you are hoping to get into. Theoretical knowledge of various biological sciences will go a long way, as will the ability to effectively communicate your ideas through writing. Luckily, all areas of biology are unified by many of the same principles, meaning your study of biology can really take you anywhere. 

So how can you actually level up in the areas of biology you’re keen on? The answer lies in Ulleo, the leading platform for bite-sized biology courses that mould to your existing knowledge and interests. Our free biology courses are the perfect way to fill any knowledge gaps you’ve encountered during your undergraduate degree, or explore which biology major would be worth taking on a full-time basis after you complete high school

To get started, you might want to check out some of our available biology courses like: 

Biology can be a daunting field to study, with there being countless specialisations to choose from. Ulleo is an ideal way of exploring your study options – you could, for example, dabble in both genomics and conservation biology short courses through the Ulleo platform, before deciding you’d like to pursue biochemistry at a university level. Or you can pick up the precise biology skills you need without committing to a whole degree – the choice is all yours with Ulleo!

Whether you see yourself tackling climate change or improving people’s lives through cell biology, Ulleo is here as a stepping stone into your future. Study biology through our accessible and personalised platform today.