Aged Care Courses

Aged care is commonly thought of as a rewarding career path, providing you with the opportunity to make a huge difference in people’s lives. With an ageing population, there’s more of a demand for people to support older people and increase their quality of life. That being said, you can get a deeper understanding of this industry by completing an online course.

People tend to enter the aged care industry for a number of reasons. They’re passionate about making a difference in their community or they’re a stay-at-home carer providing individual support to a family member. If you’re looking to explore a career in healthcare or the community services, you can become an aged care worker, support worker, personal care assistant or a registered nurse. If none of those interest you, you can also work in leisure and health at an aged care facility.

Whether you’re working in the care sector or looking to provide care services for elderly people in your family, you’ll need to have a well-rounded skill set. Along with the ability to multitask, being flexible and having patience, good interpersonal skills are key. A lot of the time, older people feel isolated and disillusioned from the world, who often dismiss them due to their age. As a person working with the elderly, you should take the time to actively listen to find out what your client or patient needs. 

What can Ulleo do for you? Ulleo offers several online courses, all of which are free. They are divided into short modules, and each tackles a certain aspect of aged care, from what relevant support services are available to common health conditions an older person may suffer from. 

We offer the following aged care courses:

Some careers in the aged career industry, like occupational therapy, require a degree from a higher education provider. However, others like support work, don’t, though employers generally want their workers to have some background in aged care

Whether you’re changing into a new career or looking to study for personal use, Ulleo courses provide you with the foundational knowledge that you can build onto for a fulfilling career in aged care.