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Learn more about us, why Ulleo began, and what gets us out of bed every morning.

Meet Ulleo

We’re Ulleo, and we’re redefining the online learning experience.

Our short courses are for the bold and the brave. The practical and the passionate. And the intriguing and the inquisitive. Designed in close collaboration with industry experts at the top of their game, our courses are fully online, fully flexible, and tailored to deliver all the good stuff, without the fluff.

So whether you want to follow your calling, turn your dream career into a reality, or just learn new skills, Ulleo is the next-generation online learning platform for you.


Our History

The Ulleo story began in [YEAR] when our CEO, David Duncan, noticed a problem.

There were so many short courses out there. But most of them missed the mark.

Dave knew there had to be a better way to learn online. One where the course wasn’t something you had to grit your teeth and sit through while dreaming about the job that might be waiting for you at the end.

So he set about making one. Today, Ulleo is an online learning platform tailored for digital natives. One that combines purpose with passion. And one where the courses are co-created by industry and delivered by experts.


Our Qualities

Since the beginning, Ulleo has been a profit-with-purpose company.

We provide learners with courses that help them pursue their passion or craft their career. We think it’s better to learn from industry experts than from old textbooks. That it’s possible to love what you learn. And that content-rich shouldn’t mean expensive.

We’re committed to our learners, and we’re also committed to doing our bit to protect the planet. Through our partnership with Carbon Neutral, we reinvest part of our profits into planting trees on behalf of our learners to celebrate their course milestones.

So what’s our purpose? Our purpose is to help you love what you learn.


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